Statistics Arrangement

The Statistics arrangement in the Logs view draws charts from multiple events interactively. You can create a quick report of the logs that match the active Query and then further refine the Query by viewing logs that correspond to a chart segment.


The Query panel contains more tabs in the Statistics arrangement. The additional tabs allow you to control the statistical display. The data can also be filtered in the same way as in the other Logs view arrangements.

You can also add statistical items to the Statistics view. To do this, click the Add button in the Query tab, and select the new items in the Select Element dialog. Click Apply to update the view.


The chart area in the Statistics arrangement can contain a pie chart, a bar chart, a line chart, or a map chart (based on an internal geolocation database). The available options depend on the chart type that is selected:

When a chart is generated, you can right-click for a menu of actions related to the section and possibly the element that the section corresponds to. The section-specific items are:

You can also select new items for display through the Add button in the Query Panel. See Selecting Statistical Items for more information.

    This concludes the overview tour. For more instructions on how to use the Logs view, see Browsing Log Data. To see how you can customize the Logs view, see Changing How Data Entries Are Displayed.