How Categories help you view only certain elements

Categories allow you to restrict which elements are displayed in the Management Client. When you activate a Category Filter, elements that do not belong to one of the selected Categories are filtered out of your view.

Categories help you manage large networks by filtering the elements that are displayed. You can create separate Categories for elements that belong to a Firewall, IPS, or Layer 2 Firewall configuration and then select the category you want to configure. You can freely select how to assign the Categories, and quickly and flexibly change which combinations of Categories are shown according to your tasks.

In a large installation, there can be hundreds of elements, but you usually do not need to work with all elements at the same time. Category elements allow you to group related elements according to any criteria you want. Using Categories, you can quickly filter your Management Client view. Elements that do not belong to the selected Category are filtered out so that only the relevant elements are visible. Categories allow you to manage many elements more efficiently by making it easier to find the elements you need.

There are two predefined Categories:
  • The System Elements Category is assigned to all default elements in the SMC. You can use it to display all predefined elements in the system.
  • The Not Categorized Category contains all elements that have not yet been assigned a Category.