Save elements, log data, reports, and statistics

You can save lists of elements, logged data, reports, statistics, and diagrams in PDF format or as HTML.

If you have defined an export banner, the text of the banner is added at the beginning of each exported HTML file to indicate that the export contains sensitive or classified data.

Note: Export banners are not added to log data that is exported or forwarded.

For exports in PDF, you can modify the style template to indicate that the export contains sensitive or classified data.

  For more details about the product and how to configure features, click Help or press F1.


In most elements and views, select Menu > File > Print.

Print To dialog box

Use this dialog box to export elements, log data, reports, and statistics to PDF, HTML, or text. The options and format can vary depending on the view.

Option Definition
General tab
Format Specifies whether to export in PDF, HTML, or text format.
Print to PDF reader When selected, opens the output file in the default PDF viewing application on your computer.
Print to File


Print to Directory

(HTML only)

Click Browse to select the location where to save the generated files.
Style Template

(PDF only)

Specifies the customized background for the generated PDF. To browse for a template, select Select. To create a template, select New.
Paper Size

(PDF only)

Specifies the page size:
  • A3
  • A4
  • A5
  • Letter

(PDF only)

Specifies whether to create the PDF in portrait or landscape orientation.

(Logs view only)

Specifies which records to export:
  • Selected record — Exports only the selected records.
  • Filtered records from — Exports all records that match the current Query.

Active Alerts view only

Specifies which alerts to export:
  • Selected alerts — Exports only the selected alerts.
  • Visible alerts — Exports all currently active alerts.
Option Definition
Layout tab (Logs view only)
Table When selected, prints a table with one record per row.

Enter the number of columns that are included.

Records When selected, prints a table in which each record occupies several rows in a column layout.

Enter the number of columns you want to include.

Details When selected, prints all relevant details according to your selection using one page per record:
  • Include diagram — A diagram that shows a visual representation of the alert is also generated.
  • Include fields table — The details are shown in a table.
  • Include hex values — The hex values are shown.