Create Location elements

If network address translation (NAT) is applied between communicating SMC components, the components must be assigned to different Locations in the configuration. You create the Locations and add elements to them based on how your network is set up.

If a system has several Locations, but each component always has the same external IP address, each element only needs a Default contact address. When new system elements are added, they have to be assigned a specific Location, but they only need a Default contact address.

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  1. Select Configuration, then browse to Administration.
  2. Browse to Other Elements > Locations.
  3. Right-click Locations, then select New Location.
  4. Enter a Name and an optional Comment.
  5. Browse to the type of elements you want to assign to the Location element in the Resources pane.
  6. Select one or more elements and click Add.
    The selected elements are added to the Content pane.
  7. Click OK.

Location Properties dialog box

Use this dialog box to define the properties of a Location element.

Option Definition
General tab
Name The name of the element.


A comment for your own reference.
Resources pane. You can drag and drop elements from this pane.
Search Opens a search field for the selected element list.
Up Navigates up one level in the navigation hierarchy. Not available at the top level of the navigation hierarchy.
  • New — Opens the associated dialog box to create an element.
  • Show Deleted Elements — When selected, elements that have been moved to the Trash are visible.
Content Shows the selected elements. Click Add to add an element to the list, or Remove to remove the selected element.
Contact Addresses tab Shows the details of NATed elements that can be viewed from the location.