Post-installation steps for Forcepoint NGFW in the Firewall/VPN role

There are some steps to follow after you have completed the installation, installed a basic policy, and turned the Firewalls online.

Note: The configuration information is stored on the Management Server. Most changes are transferred to the engines only when you install or refresh the Firewall Policy.

The basic administration tasks you must learn or complete next include the following:

  • Read and control the operating state of Firewall engines.
  • Adjust the automatic tester that monitors the operation of the Firewalls and the surrounding network.
  • Develop your Firewall Policies further.

The most typical customization steps include:

  • Configure multiple network connections for load-balanced, highly available networking.
  • Configure traffic management for incoming connections to groups of servers.
  • Set up bandwidth management and traffic prioritization policies.
  • Configure the firewall to redirect traffic to proxy services.
  • Configure secure connectivity between different locations and for traveling users.