Import user information

You can import the user information from one Management Server’s internal LDAP user database to another Management Server.

The internal LDAP user database is represented by the default LDAP Domain InternalDomain.

To be able to import user information successfully, the information must meet two conditions:
  • The distinguished name (DN) must always be of type dn: cn=cn-of-the-user-or-group,dc=stonegate.

  • All user groups must be directly attached under the dc=stonegate top-level group.
Note: The import feature is only meant for importing users exported from another Management Server’s internal LDAP database. The import is not meant to work with other .ldif files.

  For more details about the product and how to configure features, click Help or press F1.


  1. Select Menu > File > Import > Import Users.
  2. Select the correct file, then click Import.
    A new tab opens, showing the progress of the import.
  3. When the import is finished, check the messages for any warnings before you close the tab.
    If warnings were displayed, select Configuration, then browse to User Authentication > Users > InternalDomain to check the properties for those Users or User Groups.