Obtain and import NGFW Engine upgrade files

If the Management Server is not set up to download engine upgrades automatically, download the installation files manually.

You must also check the installation file integrity using the file checksums. Windows does not have checksum programs by default, but there are several third-party programs available.

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  1. Go to https://⁠support.forcepoint.com.
  2. Enter your license code or log on using an existing user account.
  3. Select Downloads.
  4. Under Network Security, click the version of the Forcepoint NGFW software that you want to download, then download the .zip file installation file.
  5. On your local computer, change to the directory that contains the files to be checked.
  6. (Linux only) Generate a checksum of the file using one of the following commands, where filename is the name of the installation file:
    • sha1sum filename
    • sha256sum filename
    • sha512sum filename
    For Windows, see the documentation for the third-party checksum program.
    $ sha1sum sg_engine_1.0.0.1000.iso
    869aecd7dc39321aa2e0cfaf7fafdb8f sg_engine_1.0.0.1000.iso
  7. Compare the displayed output to the checksum on the website.
    Do not use files that have invalid checksums. If downloading the files again does not help, contact Forcepoint support to resolve the issue.
  8. Log on to the Management Client, then select Menu > File > Import > Import Engine Upgrades.
  9. Select the engine upgrade (sg_engine_version_platform.zip file), then click Import.

    The import takes a while. You can see the related messages in the status bar at the bottom of the Management Client window.

    Note: The Management Server verifies the digital signature of the .zip file before importing it. The signature must be valid for the import to succeed. If the verification fails, an error message is shown. Verification failure can result from an out-of-date SMC version or an invalid or missing signature.