Example: SMC deployment

In this example deployment, a company has operations in three different locations. There are some NGFW Engines and administrators who are responsible for managing the local equipment at each site.

Figure: Example of a distributed Security Management Center (SMC) deployment

Site A is the main site of the company. The active Management Server that manages all local and remote components is at Site A. The main administrators responsible for maintaining the server are also stationed there. There are also two separate Log Servers at Site A. There are a high number of NGFW Engines at this site, producing a high volume of logs. The Log Servers also work as backup servers for each other.

Site B is a large branch office that is also designated as the disaster recovery site for the main site. The most important services are duplicated. This site has a moderate number of NGFW Engines. A separate Log Server is installed at Site B to ensure swift log browsing for the local administrators.

Site C is a small branch office that has only a few NGFW Engines. There is a single local administrator who is an infrequent user of the SMC. There are no SMC components at Site C; the local NGFW Engines send their data to the Log Servers at Site A.