Select backup Log Servers for high availability

You can select one or more backup Log Servers for each Log Server for high availability.

Before you begin

You must already have more than one Log Server.

The same Log Server can simultaneously be the main Log Server for some components and a backup Log Server for components that primarily use another Log Server. You can also set Log Servers to be backup Log Servers for each other so that whenever one goes down, the other Log Server is used.
Note: The SMC Appliance does not support high availability for the Management Server or the Log Server.

If Domain elements have been configured, a Log Server and its backup Log Server or Log Servers must belong to the same Domain.

If the log volumes are high, make sure that the backup Log Server can handle the traffic load in failover situations.

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  1. Select Home.
  2. Browse to Others > Log Server.
  3. Right-click the Log Server for which you want to select a backup Log Server, then select Properties.
  4. Click the High Availability tab.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Select one or more Log Servers, then click Select.
  7. Click OK.