ASCII control codes

In the following table, you can view a hexadecimal value and a description for each ASCII control code.

Table 1. ASCII control codes
ASCII ASCII Control Codes Hex Description
NUL 0 0x00 Null
SOH 1 0x01 Start of Heading
STX 2 0x02 Start of Text
ETX 3 0x03 End of Text
EOT 4 0x04 End of Transmission
ENQ 5 0x05 Enquiry
ACK 6 0x06 Acknowledge
BEL 7 0x07 Bell
BS 8 0x08 Backspace
HT 9 0x09 Horizontal Tabulation
LF 10 0x0A Line Feed
VT 11 0x0B Vertical Tabulation
FF 12 0x0C Form Feed
CR 13 0x0D Carrier Return
SO 14 0x0E Shift Out
SI 15 0x0F Shift In
DLE 16 0x10 Data Line Escape
DC1 17 0x11 Device Control 1
DC2 18 0x12 Device Control 2
DC3 19 0x13 Device Control 3
DC4 20 0x14 Device Control 4
NAK 21 0x15 Negative Acknowledge
SYN 22 0x16 Synchronous Idle
ETB 23 0x17 End of Transmission Block
CAN 24 0x18 Cancel
EM 25 0x19 End of Medium
SUB 26 0x1A Substitute
ESC 27 0x1B Escape
FS 28 0x1C File Separator
GS 29 0x1D Group Separator
RS 30 0x1E Record Separator
US 31 0x1F Unit Separator