Select allowed policies for engines

Assign Policy or Template Policy permissions for engines.

Before you begin

Your administrator account must have editing permissions to the engine element.

By default, any policy can be installed on any engine as long as the policy is of appropriate type for the type of engine. To prevent accidental installations of the wrong policy, you can select the allowed policy for each engine in the engine element’s properties. The policy selection is enforced regardless of the administrator permissions that the installing administrator has.

  For more details about the product and how to configure features, click Help or press F1.


  1. Right-click an engine element and select Edit <element type>.
    The Engine Editor opens.
  2. In the navigation pane on the left, browse to General > Permissions.
    The Permissions pane opens on the right.
  3. In the Policies section at the bottom, select the Policy:
    • To allow the installation of any policy, click Set to Any.
    • Otherwise, click Add.
  4. Select the correct Policy or Template Policy.
    If you select a Template Policy, any policy based on the template can be installed.
  5. Click Save and Refresh.