View and compare Element Snapshot elements

You can view earlier configurations of an element and compare them to the current configuration with Element Snapshots. You can also restore earlier configurations of an element.

Element Snapshots are automatically generated and saved in Audit logs each time element properties are saved. An Element Snapshot contains all properties of an element saved in the Properties dialog box.

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  1. Select Logs.
  2. Select Audit from the drop-down list in the Query pane, then click Apply.
    All Element Snapshots generated during the defined time range are displayed in the Snapshot column of the log entry table.
    Tip: If the column is not displayed, to add it, select Tools > Columns > Column Selection.

    Element snapshot
    Snapshot column
    Audit selected
  3. To view an Element Snapshot in more detail, right-click the Audit entry, then select View Element Snapshot.
  4. To compare an Element Snapshot to the current configuration of the same element, right-click an Audit entry, then select Compare to Current Element.
    Note: If the Element Snapshot properties differ from the current element properties, a red border is displayed around the Audit Log Version (snapshot) and Current Version of the element.
    Tip: To display all values of the snapshot and the current element in XML format with differences indicated in red, select Show: XML.
  5. To close the Compare Elements dialog box, click OK.

Compare Elements dialog box

Use this dialog box to view earlier configurations of an element and compare them to the current configuration.

Option Definition
Show Select how to view the comparison.
  • Element — The comparison shows the configuration as it appears in the Management Client.
  • XML — The comparison shows the configuration as XML.
Audit Log Version (Element selected) Shows the element snapshot that is included in the audit entry.
Current Version (Element selected) Shows the current configuration of the element.
XML diff Element (XML selected) Shows the differences in configuration as XML.
Restore Replaces the current element with the configuration saved in the element snapshot.