IPS deployment examples

These examples show how to deploy Forcepoint NGFW in the IPS role in an organization.

The scenario presented here is not meant to be representative of a typical installation. The main focus here is to highlight some of the criteria that you can use when planning your deployment. The example covers considerations that affect most installations, but is not an exhaustive list of the factors you might need to consider. The IPS system could be deployed in alternative ways even in this example scenario, depending on issues that are not covered here, such as the physical layout of the individual local networks, the hardware available, and budget constraints.

This example explains the IPS deployment at a company that has three offices: headquarters in London, a branch office in Munich and a small satellite office in Vienna.

Figure: The example company’s networks

All offices have IPS components. There are also SMC components at the two larger sites. The example company has some critical assets to protect and some of the networks experience a heavy traffic load. The example company has decided on a High Availability solution for most locations and acquired the following components:

  • Three IPS engines
  • One Management Server
  • Two Log Servers