How filters are created

You can create filters in four basic ways.

  • Based on criteria you define — You can create a local filter or permanent Filter element, and define filtering criteria in the Filter properties.
  • Based on other Filters — You can create a copy of a Filter element or copy-and-paste parts of filters to other filters.
  • Based on existing log entries — You can create local filters in Monitoring views where you can view logs, then save them as permanent Filter elements.
  • Based on element configuration — Some local filters are created automatically by your selections in specific views or elements.

You cannot edit the predefined Filters, but you can create editable copies. Filter elements can be imported and updated when you activate new dynamic update packages, so the selection and names of predefined filters can change.

The default Filter elements are in the System Elements Category and have the Tags System or Correlation (for filters used in Correlation Situations).