Enable NTP time synchronization for NGFW Engines

You can configure NGFW Engines to use external NTP servers.

In environments where there are Master NGFW Engines and Virtual NGFW Engines, you can select NTP servers only for Master NGFW Engines. Virtual NGFW Engines do not communicate directly with NTP servers.

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  1. Select Configuration.
  2. Right-click an NGFW Engine, then select Edit <element type>.
  3. In the navigation pane on the left, browse to General > NTP.
  4. Select Enable time synchronization from NTP server.
  5. To add a row to the table, click Add.
  6. To add an NTP server, right-click the NTP Server cell, select Select, then select an NTP Server element.
  7. (Optional) If there is more than one NTP server, select the preferred NTP server.
  8. Click Save and Refresh.

Engine Editor – General – NTP

Use this branch to enable NTP time synchronization and select NTP servers for the NGFW Engine.

Option Definition
Enable time synchronization from NTP server When selected, the NGFW Engine uses an external NTP server for time synchronization.


When selected, the NGFW Engine uses the specified NTP server by default.

NTP Server

Lists the available NTP servers. The following right-click actions are available:

  • Select — Allows you to add an NTP Server element to the cell. Opens the Select Element dialog box.
  • Remove — Removes the row from the table.
  • Clear — Removes the NTP Server element from the cell.
Click Add to add a row to the table, or Remove to remove the selected row.