Create ECA Configuration elements

ECA Configuration elements contain the Trusted Certificate Authority element used to secure communication between the NGFW Engine and the endpoint clients.

Before you begin

Create or use a certificate authority from the domain where the endpoint clients are located, then import the CA to the SMC as a Trusted Certificate Authority element. For more information, see Knowledge Base article 14099.

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  1. Select Configuration.
  2. Browse to Other Elements > Engine Properties > ECA Configurations.
  3. Right-click ECA Configurations, then select New ECA Configuration.
  4. Configure the settings, then click OK.

Next steps

Enable ECA on the NGFW Engines, and select the ECA Configuration element that you created.

ECA Configuration Properties dialog box

Use this dialog box to define ECA Configuration properties.

Option Definition
Name The name of the element.
ECA Configuration CAs The Trusted Certificate Authority elements that are used to secure communication between the NGFW Engine and the endpoint clients. Click Add to add an element to the table, or Remove to remove the selected element.
Advertise Firewall's Contact Address to ECA Clients When selected, the NGFW Engine can send ICMP discovery messages to endpoint clients that are not aware that the contact address for the NGFW Engine has changed or that the NGFW Engine can receive ECA metadata. The ICMP message is Destination Unreachable, and the type is Communication Administratively Prohibited.

If the NGFW Engine detects connections from networks that contain endpoint clients and there is a match for an Access rule that requires ECA metadata, but the connections do not include ECA metadata information, the NGFW Engine sends ICMP discovery messages to the network, advertising the contact address for the Firewall. The messages contain the shared secret that is also defined in the XML configuration file that is deployed to the endpoint clients. If a client responds and successfully authenticates, the NGFW Engine sends the latest XML configuration file to the client.



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