View sandbox analysis reports

In an external portal or in the local portal provided by your Forcepoint Advanced Malware Detection appliance, you can view detailed reports for files that have been analyzed by sandbox services.

When a file has been analyzed, log entries related to cloud sandbox or local sandbox scans include a link to the analysis report in the Scan Report field.

Note: You cannot view reports for log entries where the Scanner Details cell shows the message "Sandbox Analysis Pending".

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  1. Select Logs.
  2. From the Log Data Context drop-down list on the Query pane, select File Filtering, then click Apply.
    Only log entries related to file filtering events are shown.
  3. In a log entry that includes a link in the Scan Report cell, right-click the link, then select Open URL in default browser.
    The portal opens in a web browser.
  4. Enter your credentials to view the report.