General shortcuts

The following table lists general shortcuts that are available in most views in the Management Client.

Table 1. General shortcuts
Action Shortcut
Bookmark all tabs Ctrl+Shift+D
Bookmark current view Ctrl+D
Cancel Escape
Close tab Ctrl+W
Close view Ctrl+Q
Close window ALT+F4
Collapse all folders in element tree Ctrl+NumPad /
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Delete, Remove Delete
Expand all folders in element tree Ctrl+NumPad *
Go up/down/left/right Up/down/left/right arrow key
Manage bookmarks Ctrl+B
Maximize/Restore Ctrl+M
Move element to Trash Delete
Move to home level in element tree F12, Alt+Up arrow key
Move to parent folder in element tree Backspace
Open action in new tab Ctrl+left mouse click
Open action in new window Shift+left mouse click
Open a new tab Ctrl+T
Open a new window Ctrl+N
Open current view in new tab Ctrl+Shift+T
Open current view in new window Ctrl+Shift+N
Open help topics F1
Open Info pane Shift+F1
Open list of view-specific tools Alt+T
Open Logs view Ctrl+1
Open shared properties of selected engines Ctrl+R
Open properties of the selected element Ctrl+R
Open sidebar F4
Paste Ctrl+V
Print Ctrl+P
Refresh F5
Save Ctrl+S
Search Ctrl+F
Search references Ctrl+G
Select all Ctrl+A
Start quick search Enter
Switch between open tabs Ctrl+Tab