Disable cluster nodes temporarily

Disabling a cluster node allows continued management of the other cluster members if one node goes out of operation.

You can disable nodes in Firewall Clusters, IPS Clusters, Layer 2 Firewall Clusters, or Master NGFW Engines. When you disable a node, you can physically remove it from the cluster without removing its definition from the system.

Disabling a node indicates to the other nodes and the Management Server that it is not necessary to try to contact it. Disabling a node prevents unnecessary communication attempts, alerts, and test failures. Disabling a node also allows policy installations on the other nodes when one node is shut down or malfunctions. No commands can be sent to a disabled node and no monitoring information is available for it.

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  1. Turn off the cluster node that you want to disable.
  2. In the Management Client, select Configuration.
  3. Right-click the NGFW Engine, then select Edit <element type>.
  4. In the navigation pane on the left, browse to General > Clustering.
  5. In the Nodes table, select Disabled for the nodes you want to disable.
  6. Click Save and Refresh.