Associate Vulnerability elements with Situation elements

You can associate Situation elements with an existing Vulnerability element or add a custom Vulnerability element.

You can add up to four references to public vulnerability databases to your custom Vulnerabilities (CVE/BID/MS/TA). System vulnerabilities can have an unlimited number of references to any reference system, and can have multiple references to the same reference system. The reference information is also shown in the Logs view.

  For more details about the product and how to configure features, click Help or press F1.


  1. Select Configuration.
  2. Expand the Other Elements > Situations > By Vulnerability.
  3. Right-click the correct Vulnerability in the tree and select Properties.
  4. Select the Situation elements (one or several at a time) and click Add or Remove to change the selection in the Content field on the right.
  5. When you are finished adding Situations, click OK.
    The selected Situations are now associated with this vulnerability, and a link to this Vulnerability is added on the Situations’ properties dialog box.