Import backup files into the SMC

To restore a backup of the Management Server, Log Server, or SMC Appliance, import the backup file into the SMC.

When you import backup files, the backup files are added to the <installation directory>/backups/ directory of the Management Server, Log Server, or SMC Appliance.

Note: Handle the backup files securely. They contain all configuration information for the system.

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  1. Select Configuration, then browse to Administration.
  2. Browse to Backups > Management Server or Backups > Log Server.
  3. Right-click Management Server or Log Server, then select New > Import Backup.
  4. Browse to the backup file, then click Open.
    The backup file is imported into the SMC.
  5. When the import finishes, click OK.

Next steps

You can now restore the backup on a Management Server, Log Server, or the SMC Appliance.