Troubleshoot user accounts

Resolve problems when end-user passwords are not accepted for authentication.

Problem description: You add a User element (end user account for authentication) or change the password in a User element, but the new user account or new password are not accepted when the end user tries to authenticate. Previously created and unmodified user accounts work as expected. If you changed the password, the previous password is still accepted.

Reason: There might be a replication problem that prevents synchronizing the user database information from the Management Server to the local database on the Firewalls.


  1. Reset the user database by right-clicking an individual Firewall node (not the upper-level Single Firewall/Firewall Cluster element) and selecting Commands > Reset User Database. This action copies all user information from the Management Server to the engine.
  2. Make sure User DB Replication (automatic user database replication) is active under Options in the right-click menu for the Single Firewall/Firewall Cluster (top-level) element.