Import dynamic update packages

Download the latest dynamic update package and import it in the Management Client.

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  1. Go to https://⁠
  2. Click Forcepoint Dynamic Updates.
  3. Download the latest dynamic update package .jar file.
    For details about the dynamic update package, click Release Notes under the .jar file.
  4. Save the update package file to a location accessible from the computer you use to run the Management Client.
    Note: Make sure that the checksums for the original files and the files that you have downloaded match.
  5. In the Management Client, select Menu > File > Import > Import Update Packages.
  6. Browse to the file, select it, then click Import.
    The import takes some time, and the completion of the import is displayed in the status bar of the Management Client window.
    Note: The Management Server verifies the digital signature of the dynamic update package before importing it. The signature must be valid for the import to succeed. If the verification fails, an error message is shown. Verification failure can result from an out-of-date SMC version or an invalid or missing signature.