Access the engine command line

There are several ways you can connect to the engine and access the engine command line.


  1. Connect to the engine in one of the following ways:
    • Physically using a serial cable and a terminal console program with these settings:
      • Bits per second — 9600 or 115,200
      • Data bits — 8
      • Parity — None
      • Stop bits — 1.
      Note: The serial console port speed is 9600 bps in most NGFW appliances. The speed is 115,200 bps in the latest NGFW appliance models. See the hardware guide for your NGFW appliance model for more information.
    • Physically using a monitor and keyboard connected directly to the engine hardware.
    • Remotely using an SSH client. SSH access to the engine can be enabled and disabled through the Management Client.
  2. If you have root administrator permissions, log on and enter the engine password.
    If you forget the password, you can change it in the Management Client.
  3. If you do not have root permissions and your administrator account has been replicated on the engine, log on using your administrator user name and personal password for the engine.
    If you forget the engine-specific password, ask an SMC administrator with Manage Administrators rights to create you a new one in the Management Client.