Add Access rules allowing traffic from Log Servers to external hosts

If the external host and Log Server are separated by a Firewall or Layer 2 Firewall, you must add rules to allow traffic from the Log Server to the host.

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  1. Select Configuration.
  2. Expand Policies, then browse to the type of policy you want to edit.
  3. Right-click the policy, then select Edit Firewall Policy or Edit Layer 2 Firewall Policy.
  4. Click the IPv4 Access or IPv6 Access tab, then add an Access rule with the following values:
    • Source — Log Server
    • Destination — Host element
    • Service — Syslog (UDP), Syslog (TCP), or NetFlow (UDP), depending on the protocol used. For TLS-protected traffic, select TCP with TLS.

      The same Service and Port that was selected in the Log Forwarding rule must be selected here.

    • Action — Allow
    • LoggingNone (recommended in most cases)

      Note: Logging the log forwarding can create a loop where the log forwarding creates a log entry each time. If you want to log the log forwarding, create a local filter in the Log Forwarding rule to exclude logs related to forwarding.
  5. Save and install the policy to start using the new configuration.