Add Exception rules

Inspection Exceptions allow you to make changes to the Inspection Policy that are not applied to all connections.

Exception rules also allow you to set some options (using the Continue action) for Exceptions and rules that are processed later. Exception rules also contain some additional options that are not available in the rules tree.

  • You can match specific connections based on the IP addresses of the communicating hosts, the Service used, and the Logical Interfaces of IPS engines and Layer 2 Firewalls. For example, an Exception can be used to eliminate a false positive in traffic between two internal hosts without disabling inspection.
  • You can set more responses to matches that are found. You can blacklist connections on an engine, and you can add User Responses as notifications to some types of events.
Note: Inspection Policies are not supported for layer 2 physical interfaces on NGFW Engines in the Firewall/VPN role.