Add Insert Points in Policy Templates

Insert Points mark the positions where rules can be added.

When you edit a Template Policy, add at least one new yellow Insert Point on all tabs if you want their inheriting Policy or Policy Template to be editable. Green Insert Points are inherited insert points from the previous level, and they are not inherited further down in the hierarchy. They only show you where the higher-level template allows you to add rules and disappear when you add a rule or a new (yellow) insert point.

You can add as many insert points in the Template as your rule structure calls for.

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  1. Open the Policy template for editing.
  2. Right-click the green insert point and select Add Insert Point or a rule that is editable in this Template and select Rule > Add Insert Point Before or Add Insert Point After.
  3. Give the insert point a descriptive Name and click OK. An inheritable (yellow) insert point is added to the Template.