Getting started with Diagram elements

Diagrams allow you to generate a model of the elements you have already configured. You can also design a model of your network and configure Security Management Center (SMC) elements at the same time.

You can also use diagrams to view and monitor the status of the elements in your system.

What you can do with diagrams

Diagrams allow you to:

  • Maintain and understand the network structure.
  • Monitor the status of your network graphically.
  • Illustrate your network topology.
  • Configure SMC elements and other network devices while designing your network.
  • Store and print network topologies.

What should I know before I begin

  • There are three types of diagrams: Connectivity Diagrams show the status of the connections between elements that belong to the same configuration. VPN Diagrams show the status of VPN connections. IP Diagrams are diagrams of a network.
  • In addition to creating diagrams manually, you can create diagrams automatically from elements that are monitored in the Home view. The Home view also automatically displays a Connectivity Diagram or VPN Diagram to show the connectivity status of an engine you select.