Getting started with monitoring third-party devices

As well as SMC components, you can monitor third-party devices, with some limitations.

What the third-party device monitoring feature does

You can configure Log Servers for a full range of monitoring features for third-party devices:
  • Log Servers can receive a syslog stream and store the information in SMC log format. The stored logs can then be processed just like logs generated by SMC components. For example, the data can be included in reports you generate.
  • Log Servers can receive SNMP statistics information and NetFlow (v5 and v9) and IPFIX data from third-party devices. You can view this information as part of your Overviews or create reports based on the received data.
  • Log Servers can probe devices through several alternative methods. You can monitor the device status in the Management Client in the same way as for the SMC components.


Each Log Server can monitor a maximum of 200 third-party devices. This limit is enforced automatically.

SNMP statistics for third-party devices are limited to the amount of free and used memory, CPU load, and interface statistics.

Your Management Server license might limit the number of managed components. Each monitored third-party device is counted as a fifth of a managed unit.