Configuring third-party devices for monitoring

For any type of monitoring, confirm that the connections between the third-party device and the Log Server are allowed through any possible traffic filtering in your network. When configuring third-party devices for monitoring, be aware of some conditions.

  • Ping and TCP status monitoring do not usually require additional configuration on the target device.
  • SNMP-based polling usually requires that the target device is configured to respond to the Log Server’s SNMP queries.
  • Statistics sending (as SNMPv1 traps) must always be configured on the third-party device. For instructions on these tasks, see the documentation of the third-party device.
  • NetFlow or IPFIX reception requires that the third-party device is configured to send NetFlow or IPFIX data. This configuration includes activating the service on the device and defining the reception port and IP address of the NetFlow or IPFIX collector (the Log Server).
  • If necessary, you can change the ports that the Log Server uses to listen to syslog, SNMP, NetFlow, and IPFIX transmissions.