Create Access rules allowing third-party monitoring

If a third-party device and the Log Server are separated by a Firewall or Layer 2 Firewall, edit the Policy to allow traffic from the device to the Log Server.

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  1. Select Configuration.
  2. Expand Policies, then browse to the type of policy you want to edit.
  3. Right-click the Firewall or Layer 2 Firewall policy, then select Edit Firewall Policy or Edit Layer 2 Firewall Policy.
  4. Switch to the IPv4 Access or IPv6 Access tab, then add an Access rule with the following values:
    • Source — the third-party element.
    • Destination — your Log Server.
    • Service — ICMP Ping, SNMP (UDP), or SNMP (TCP).

      The Service depends on the probing method that is used in the Probing Profile selected in the Monitoring rule.

    • Action — Allow.
    • Logging — None.
  5. Save and install the policy to start using the new configuration.