Troubleshoot reports with empty sections or incomplete data

There are several possible causes and solutions when reports are generated, but the reports contain empty sections or incorrect data.

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  1. If sections show a “No Data” message, check that the log data that the section requires is in the active log data directory of your Log Servers. Archived logs are not included in reporting.
    1. Open the Logs view.
    2. Make sure only Active Log Data is selected for all Log Servers on the Sources tab.
    3. Select the same time period and filter that you used in the report, and click Apply.
    The logs shown correspond to the log data available for generating the logs. Also take note of the following point.
  2. If you are only missing information about traffic volumes (for example, Traffic by Source IP) check your Access rules. Traffic information is available only for connections that match rules for which you collect accounting information.
    • The collected accounting information is shown in the Logs view for log entries that have “Connection Closed” as their Event (see the Details pane for those entries).
      Note: Connection closing might not be logged at all, depending on the logging options of your Access rules.
    • If accounting data has not been collected at all, traffic volumes are unknown and the report sections on traffic volumes return “No Data”.
    • If only some rules collect accounting data, only the traffic that matches those rules is included in the report sections on traffic volumes.
    • Alternatively, the report items listed under Counters can be used to generate reports on traffic volumes. The data for these items comes from stored summaries of the statistical data that you can view as live statistics in an Overview. This data is always stored and includes information about all traffic.
    • To start collecting information about traffic volumes from now on.
  3. If you are missing all data from one or more Log Servers, make sure that the Exclude This Log Server from Statistics and Reporting option is not selected. Log Servers with this option selected are ignored in all reporting.
  4. The time range you enter is interpreted according to the clock and time zone setting of the computer you are using to run the Management Client. If the clock and time zone are not correctly set in the operating system, the report period might be different from what you intend.