Troubleshoot report generation

There are some common causes and solutions for problems with generating reports.

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  1. If the report generation seems to work, but you cannot find it in the Stored Reports view, you might have created the report without selecting the Stored option. Try creating the report again and make sure that you have selected all outputs you want to produce.
  2. If the report generation does not begin, and there is no error indicated, you might have defined a start time that is in the future. The delay in the Start Earliest field can affect when report generation begins. Check the start time for the report task. The time is interpreted according to the clock of the computer you are using to run the Management Client. Make sure that the time and time zone settings are correct.
  3. If the “out of memory” error appears, check if you have placed one or more IP address-based top rate items under progress sections in the Report Design:
    • Generating reports with such a design consumes large amounts of memory. The report collects the full progress information for every IP address that appears in the logs over the chosen period. Any unnecessary data is discarded only after the top items are selected at the completion of the report task.
    • To reduce the memory load, use a Drill-down top rate design. The Drill-down top rate design first finds the top IP addresses and then gets the progress information about those IP addresses.
    • Memory consumption can also be reduced by restricting the amount of data included in the report (for example, set a shorter time range).
  4. If the “unreachable server” error is shown, a Log Server is not running or is not reachable from the Management Server. If there are Log Server elements that do not represent any physical, running Log Server, those Log Servers might cause this error. Select the Exclude This Log Server from Statistics and Reporting option in the properties of the Log Server elements.
    Be careful when excluding Log Servers from reporting. If you select this setting for a Log Server that is actively used, there is no warning that the reports are missing parts of the log data.