Customize the Management Client layout

You can select different panes and view options through the Menu > View menu. You can also change the size of the text in various views.

Some layout options are specific to the currently active view, and some options are global. The layout is saved as your preference for further use.

Tip: Bookmark alternative layouts to quickly return to a specific view and layout at any later time.


  1. To resize a pane, drag by the outer edge of the pane as usual when resizing.
  2. To move a pane, drag by the title bar at the top like you would move a window.
    You can move the panes in several positions that are highlighted as you drag the pane around. Drop the pane where you prefer to have it. If the highlighted area completely covers some other pane, the second pane adds a tab.

  3. To temporarily hide a pane, select the collapse icon on the pane border.

    To expand the pane, click the icon again.
  4. To change the size of the text in policies, Configuration views, or the Logs view, for example, select Tools > Text Size.
  5. To restore the views to their defaults, select Menu > View > Layout > Reset Layout.
    The text size is not affected.