Management Client and how it works

Use the Management Client for configuring, controlling, and monitoring the Security Management Center (SMC).

You can manage the NGFW Engines in the Management Client. You can also use the Management Client to monitor third-party devices.

The Management Client offers several task-specific views. There are alternative ways to switch between the different views:

  • The main menu and the toolbar shortcuts are always available.
  • More links are provided, for example, in the right-click menus of elements and in the logs. You can also bookmark your most frequently visited views.

You have several options for opening a new view:

  • Clicking a link or main toolbar icon replaces the current view with the new one.
  • Clicking while holding the Ctrl key opens the new view as a new tab.
  • Clicking while holding the Shift key opens the new view as a new window.

To open a new empty tab, click New Tab on the right of the previous tab. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+T. From the list of views that opens, select the view to be shown in the new tab.