Configuring dynamic DNS updates for Server Pools

The Firewall can automatically update dynamic DNS (DDNS) entries for the Server Pool according to the available NetLinks.

The firewall engine removes the Server Pool IP addresses for NetLinks that are not available from the DNS entry, and adds the IP addresses back when the NetLink becomes available again. When the connecting client requests the Server Pool’s IP address from the DNS server, the client receives a list of IP addresses that only contains IP addresses that work.

Firewalls support the Dynamic DNS protocol and can send DDNS updates to a specified DNS server. If a network connection specified by a NetLink element fails, the dynamic DNS updates notify the DNS, which then removes the corresponding IP address from its records.

To configure DDNS updates, you must have already defined the necessary NetLinks and the Server Pool element. To use DDNS updates, you must set up a DDNS-capable DNS server in your network. The DNS server must be configured as the primary DNS server for the domain.

Note: Using dynamic DNS updates is a security risk.