Enable Server Pool Monitoring Agents

Enable Server Pool Monitoring Agents for one Server Pool element.

Note: Do not enable the Monitoring Agents before you configure them.

  For more details about the product and how to configure features, click Help or press F1.


  1. Select Configuration, then browse to SD-WAN.
  2. Browse to Traffic Handlers.
  3. Right-click the Server Pool element for which you want to enable the Monitoring Agents and select Properties.
  4. Click the Monitoring tab, then select Agent as the Method.
  5. In the Frequency Check field, define how often the status is checked.
  6. (Optional) Enter the Port if you want to use a port other than the default port (7777).
    Note: Remember to edit the corresponding IPv4 and IPv6 Access rules to allow connections to the new port.
  7. Click OK.