Generate licenses

Generally, each SMC component must have a separate license. Some additional features might also require a separate license.

Note: Forcepoint NGFW Engines deployed in the AWS with Hourly (pay as you go) licenses do not require a separate license in the SMC.
Licenses always indicate the newest software version that you are entitled to, but they are valid for licensing any older software versions as well.
Note: Your SMC might be able to automatically generate licenses for new Forcepoint NGFW appliances. For automatic licensing to work, install a license for the SMC components and make sure that automatic updates are enabled on the Management Server. The temporary initial license is automatically replaced with a permanent POS-bound license after the policy is first installed on the appliance.


  1. Go to https://⁠
  2. In the License Identification field, enter the POL or POS code, as follows.
    • Proof-of-license (POL) code — Identifies the license. For previously licensed components, the POL code is shown in the Licenses tree in the Administration Configuration view.
    • Proof-of-serial (POS) number — The Forcepoint NGFW appliances additionally have a proof-of-serial number that you can find on a label attached to the appliance hardware.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Check which components are listed as included in this license, then click Register.
  5. Read the instructions on the page, then fill in the required fields for all included components.
  6. Enter the details that bind each license to a component, as follows:
    • Management Server(s) — Enter the IP address you plan to use on the server. If your license allows several Management Servers in the same SMC (for high availability), enter a comma-separated list of the IP addresses of all Management Servers.
    • Other SMC servers — Enter the Management Server’s POL code or the IP address you plan to use on the server.
    • Master NGFW Engines — Enter the POS code of a Forcepoint NGFW appliance (see the label attached to the appliance).
    • NGFW Engines — For Forcepoint NGFW appliances, enter the POS code of the appliance (see the label attached to the appliance). For Forcepoint NGFW software installed on your own hardware or on a virtualization platform, enter the POL code of the Management Server that you use to manage the engine.
      Note: POS binding is always recommended when the option is available.
    Note: If the binding information is incorrect, the license is unusable. If you accidentally generated a license with the wrong binding information, request a license change through the License Center.
  7. Click Submit Request.
    The license file is sent to you and is also available for download at the License Center.