Upgrading licenses manually

Licenses are valid for any older software versions in addition to the version indicated on the license. You can upgrade the licenses at any time without affecting the system’s operation.

Note: IP-address-bound licenses have been previously available for Firewalls and IPS engines. You can use and update a previously generated IP-address-bound engine license, but you must switch the license binding to the Management Server’s POL code if the engine’s control IP address changes.

You can view, change, and download your current licenses at https://⁠stonesoftlicenses.forcepoint.com by logging on with your personal account (to view all licenses linked to that account) or by entering a proof-of-license (POL) or proof-of-serial (POS) code (to view information related to a particular license).

If automatic license upgrades have been enabled in the Management Server properties, your licenses are kept up to date automatically. Otherwise, you can upgrade licenses manually in the following ways:
  • When you log on to the online License Center, you can upgrade the license for the displayed components through the link provided. Save the license as a file that you can install in the SMC.
  • You can export information about licenses through the Management Client and use the resulting text file to upgrade the licenses.