Restore SMC Appliance backups

You can use the smca-restore command to restore Management Server backups, Log Server backups, and SMC Appliance configuration files on the SMC Appliance.


  1. Log on to the SMC Appliance command line.
  2. Run the restore command.
    sudo smca-restore [options]
    You can append various options to the command to customize the backup process.
    • To specify the backup file to restore, use the -backup option.
    • To restore the Management Server or Log Server backup without restoring the SMC Appliance configuration, use the -⁠nosmca option.
    • To restore the SMC Appliance configuration without restoring the Management Server or Log Server backup, use the -⁠smcaonly option.
  3. If you did not specify the backup file, select the backup file to be restored.
    The default backup file names have the following structure:
  4. If the backup is encrypted, enter the password.
  5. When the backup restoration has finished, restart the SMC Appliance if you are prompted to do so.