Getting started with Alias element translations

Alias element translation values are set for each engine. You can change the translation values through the engine properties or in the properties of the Alias element itself.

What Alias elements do

Use Alias elements in your policies to represent IP addresses. Aliases differ from Group elements in that they do not represent all elements at once. The Alias elements do not contain any IP address information themselves. The values that the Aliases receive in a policy depend on the translation value you set for each Alias in the engine elements’ properties. This way, the same policy can be used on several engines. The IP address information is filled in correctly according to the translation values for each engine. Alias elements are especially useful in policy templates and sub-policies.

What do I need to know before I begin?

Aliases are configured for NGFW Engines. The NGFW Engines use the translated values in the data they send to the Log Server.

If you use Master NGFW Engines and Virtual NGFW Engines, you must configure Aliases separately for the Master NGFW Engines and for the Virtual NGFW Engines.

There are some predefined Aliases in the SMC. Reserved Aliases cannot be edited. The names of reserved Aliases start with two $$ symbols. Reserved Aliases receive their translation values automatically based on the engine’s configuration. You can also create Aliases. User-created Aliases and predefined Aliases that you can edit start with one $ symbol. Predefined Aliases that you can edit do not receive their translation values automatically.