Remove Alias element translation values

When you no longer need Alias element translation values, remove them from the engine element properties.

If there are no translation values for a particular Alias element for an engine, the Translation Value is None. If Aliases with the value None are used alone as matching criteria in a rule in a policy, the rule never matches any traffic.

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  1. Right-click an engine element and select Edit <element type>.
  2. In the navigation pane on the left, browse to Policies > Aliases.
  3. Right-click the Value cell of the Alias and select Edit Value.
  4. Remove the elements.
    • To remove selected elements, select the elements in the Alias Value pane and click Remove.
    • To remove all elements, click Remove All.
  5. Click OK to close the Alias Value Properties dialog box.
  6. Click Save and Refresh.

Engine Editor – Policies – Aliases

Use this branch to view and change alias translation values.

Option Definition
Alias Shows the name of the Alias element.
Value Right-click the Value cell and select one of the following options:
  • Edit Value — Opens the Alias Value Properties dialog box.
  • Set to Any — The Alias element matches any value.
  • Set to None — Disables translation for the Alias element.

Alias Value Properties dialog box

Use this dialog box to edit the translation value of an Alias element for an NGFW Engine.

Option Definition
Resources Use this pane to create and add elements.
Search Opens a search field for the selected element list.

Clicking X removes the search field.

Up Navigates up one level in the navigation hierarchy. Not available at the top level of the navigation hierarchy.
  • New — Creates an element of the specified type.
  • Show Deleted Elements — Shows elements that have been moved to the Trash.
Add Adds the selected elements to the content list.
Remove Removes the selected elements from the content list.
Set to None Disables translation for the Alias element.
Set to Any The Alias element matches any value.
Remove All Removes all values from the Alias Value field.