Troubleshoot Log Server operation

There are several possible causes and solutions when the Log Server is not running and does not stay running when you try to start it.


  1. On the Log Server command line, try to start the Log Server using the script <installation directory>/bin/sgStartLogSrv[.bat|.sh] to get more information.
    Startup messages are shown on the command line.
  2. Check for the following possible problems and solutions:
    • The software version might be incorrect. The Log Server must have the exact same software version as the Management Server. Upgrade components as necessary.
    • The Log Server’s certificate for system communications might have expired, been deleted, or become otherwise invalid.
    • The Log Server might not have a license, the license might be bound to the wrong IP address, or the IP address the license is bound to might not be active on the server.
    • There might not be enough space for logs on the hard disk.
    • Sometimes files that are necessary for the Log Server to run might be moved or deleted by external processes, such as a malware scanner, or lost due to hard disk errors. In these types of cases, Java shows an error message stating “Could not find the main class.” Reinstall the same software version and check the configuration of the host computer to prevent the same from occurring in the future.