Troubleshoot the Logs view

There are some common problems and solutions related to viewing logs.

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  1. If the Logs view is unable to contact some Log Server, do one of the following:
    1. Check that the Log Server is running, and that the Log Server is reachable from the computer used for running the Management Client. The status shown for a Log Server in the Management Client is based on information that the Management Server has. However, logged data is not routed through the Management Server, so a green status is not an indication of whether the Log Server is reachable for log browsing or not.
    2. If there is a NAT device between some Management Client and a Log Server, administrators must select the correct Location for the Management Client in the status bar at the bottom right corner of the Management Client window.
  2. If some or all logs are not visible in the Logs view, do one of the following:
    1. Check that the filtering, time range, and source settings in the Logs view are correct. Also make sure that you have clicked Apply after making the latest changes in these settings.
    2. Check the logging options in your policies. Not all connections automatically create log entries. The Alert, Stored, and Essential options create permanent log entries. The Transient option means that logs are not stored, and they can only be viewed in the Current Events mode in the Logs view when they reach the Log Server.
    3. Check that logs you want to keep are not being pruned. The Log Server deletes selected logs according to how pruning is configured.
    4. Check that the logs are being transferred from the engines to the Log Server. The log entries are spooled on the engines if a connection to the Log Server is unavailable. Connections between engines and the Log Server should be shown as green in the Home view.
    5. The logging process might slow down due to a lack of resources on the engine, in the network, or on the Log Server. Your logging settings and the number of engines that send data to the same Log Server affect the speed of the logging process.