Getting started with Web Start distribution

Distributing Management Clients through Web Start allows users to log on to the Management Client through a web browser.

What Web Start distribution does

The Management Server can be configured to serve a webpage for starting the Management Client. When the SMC is upgraded, the Web Start files are also updated, and Web Start automatically downloads the updated version when the user logs on. Alternatively, you can make the Management Clients available on some other server, with the following limitations.

Limitations of Web Start distribution

The new version is available to Web Start users when the SMC is upgraded only if the Management Server is used as the Web Start Server. If the Web Start package is on another server, delete the existing files and install a new Web Start package after each upgrade. See Distribute Web Start from external servers.

When the Web Start package is installed on a network drive, the path must be the same for all administrators that use that version of Web Start. If the network drive paths vary, you can put the package on a web server instead, for example, in the intranet of your company.

What do I need to know before I begin?

A current version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed on each computer where you install the Web Start. Download the JRE for free from http://⁠