Access the Web Start Management Clients

After the Web Start package is installed, or the Management Server is enabled as a Web Start Server, administrators can install the Management Client using Web Start.

Before you begin

There must be a current version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed (the required version is shown on the example logon page provided).

Note: If Web Start access is required through the firewall, you must allow these connections in your firewall’s policy. They are not allowed by default.


  1. Enter the Web Start download page address in your web browser:
    http://<server address>:<port>

    The port is only needed if the server is configured to run on a different port from the HTTP standard port 80.

  2. Click the link for the Web Start Management Client.

    Web Start automatically checks if the version on the server is already installed on your local computer. If not, the new client is automatically installed on your computer. This check is done each time the client is started this way, automatically upgrading your client installation without any action from you.

    The client starts and displays the logon dialog box.

  3. Log on with your account credentials.