Web Portal configuration

The process of setting up a Web Portal consists of the following overall steps.

  1. Define a Web Portal Server element.
  2. If providing the Web Portal over HTTPS, generate a certificate for the server.
  3. Allow the necessary connections in the Firewall Access rules.
  4. Install the Web Portal Server. See the Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall Installation Guide for instructions.
    • We recommend placing the Web Portal Server in a DMZ network if you offer access to external users.
    • You must generate and install a license for the Web Portal Server.
  5. Create Web Portal User accounts for the end users.
    • The number of Web Portal users you can configure is limited by license. You must generate and install a separate license for the Web Portal Users.
    • Management Client administrator accounts are also valid in the Web Portal.
  6. (Optional) Make installation-specific changes to your portal.