Respond to Security Management Center installation failed messages

If any anomaly is detected during the installation or upgrade, you might see the “Security Management Center installation failed” message.


  1. To find the cause of the problem:
    1. Check the installation log in the installation directory for messages regarding the upgrade.
      Note: If you installed the Management Server in the C:\Program Files\Forcepoint\SMC directory in Windows, some program data might be stored in the C:\ProgramData\Forcepoint\SMC directory.
    2. If you are skipping versions, check the Release Notes for the version you are installing, and make sure the upgrade that you attempted is possible. The Release Notes also list any known issues that can cause errors during the upgrade.
  2. To solve problems indicated:
    1. Missing files are one of the most common errors. Files might be missing if you copy installation source files manually. Make sure that you have copied all necessary installation source files and folders, and run the installation again. If you have not checked the integrity of the installation files, compare the checksum of your local files to the correct checksum.
    2. Start the component in question. The message is shown for many types of errors, and the component might still be able to run without problems.
    3. If you are unable to get the component running, uninstall the existing installation and install the component as a new installation. To upgrade, you can restore elements from a Management Server backup. You can restore a backup taken with the previous version on the upgraded SMC. See the Release Notes for any version-specific limitations or exceptions.