Obtain SMC installation files

Before running the installer, you must download the correct installation file from the download page and make sure that the checksums are correct.

You can check the installation file integrity using the file checksums. The checksums are on the installation DVD and in the release notes.

Windows does not have checksum programs by default, but there are several third-party programs available.

We provide only recent versions of the software for download. We recommend that you store the upgrade files yourself to make sure you can install the exact same version later (for example, if there is a hardware failure). This is recommended especially if your organization’s policies mandate lengthy testing periods that limit the speed of adopting new versions.

  For more details about the product and how to configure features, click Help or press F1.


  1. Download the installation file from https://⁠support.forcepoint.com/Downloads.
    Separate .zip packages are available for downloading installation files for all supported platforms or just one supported platform.
  2. Change to the directory that contains the files to be checked.
  3. Generate a checksum of the file using one of the following commands, where filename is the name of the installation file:
    • sha1sum filename
    • sha256sum filename
    • sha512sum filename


    sha1sum smc_1.0.1.1000.zip

    79785edab5d2a1191a3065510756f72883952455 smc_1.0.1.1000.zip

  4. Compare the displayed output to the checksum on the website.
    Do not use files that have invalid checksums. If downloading the files again does not help, contact Forcepoint support to resolve the issue.
  5. Unzip all folders and files in the archive to the server you want to upgrade.