Default SMC installation directories

The location of the SMC installation directory depends on the operating system.

Default SMC installation directories:
  • Default installation directory on Windows — C:\Program Files\Forcepoint\SMC
    Note: If you installed the Management Server in the C:\Program Files\Forcepoint\SMC directory in Windows, some program data might be stored in the C:\ProgramData\Forcepoint\SMC directory.
  • Default installation directory on Linux — /usr/local/forcepoint/smc
Under the installation directory, note especially the following folders:
  • /backups/ — Stores Management Server (sgm_) and Log Server (sgl_) backups. The backups must be in this directory to be listed in the Management Client and when running scripts without specifying a backup file.
  • /bin/ — Contains the SMC command-line tools as well as some additional scripts that are used by the Installation Wizard.